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Sinister Sil80 Morf's CA18DET clocks over 400bhp! Kouki 180sx wallpaper now up! AWESOME RB25DET 180SX RIPS IT UP IN PEDESTAL

It’s Arrived :D

4th May 2012 | JayTee's 200sx | 1 comment

6994105208_d97e3c4f40_b-21.jpg It’s arrived! My box fresh Tomei Arms M7960 has finally arrived and I am hopefully fitting this tomorrow if weather holds out and allows me enough time to..
I am very impressed with the performance of this turbo, it comes in quicker than the S15 turbo and pulls right through the range…

Tomei Arms

20th April 2012 | JayTee's 200sx | 3 comments

sr_m7960.jpg Last week my turbo went, that horrible noise of grinding bearings :(
So with that in mind I have just ordered a Tomei Arms M7960 I am very interested to see how this performs, will keep you updated. Check out the Tomei Arms website here…

Appreciating our brother

15th April 2012 | Marteh's 180sx | 0 comments

dsc_0705.jpgI’ve made this post to respect and appreciate our brother - Marteh’s top flight work on finding, maintaining and building a truly stunning 180sx. This car is in my humble opinion the cleanest 180sx that i’ve seen in the UK, unfortunately it met it’s end last year. This was a real tragedy and I truly feel for Marteh…

GP Sports - Twin drifting 180sx

2nd April 2012 | 180sx Videos | 0 comments

gpsports.jpgTwin GP Sports demo cars tearing it up in Japan at the Maze circuit. These 180sx’s are drop dead gorgeous, dripping with rare aero and aftermarket parts but best of all - are being used in anger! Enjoy! If you want to learn more about GP Sports check out their cool Japanese website here…

The 180sx Grand Master

31st March 2012 | Site News | 2 comments

530267_377962895570569_110389515661243_1173384_881141247_n.jpgThe absolute grand master of 180sx’s pictured here doing what he does best: KOGUCHI MAXIMUM DRIFT!! This black pearl painted classic 180sx has been the poster child of Sbody fans like myself for years, classic Hot Road aero, dished Work VS-KF rims, fire spitting from the exhaust.. it’s just f***ing cool.

Long time coming. Time to get going again.

22nd March 2012 | JTHM's PS13 | 1 comment

7001249987_b851264f75_b.jpgHello folks, seeing as Joe bumped this for the first time in a while. I figured an update is needed on my behalf as well. For a while I have been unhappy with my car’s ride height. But my 17’s and the RB/IG kit combo would have meant my car would have been grounded to fill the arches.

Stunning RPS13

7th February 2012 | Site News | 8 comments

rps13-bnsports.jpgI found a photo of this gorgeous RPS13 while trawling through the net, the shot looks like it’s at one of the drift tracks in Japan. BN Sports aero, low ride height and chrome Blitz wheels really sets this car off.

Trying the staggered look

10th May 2011 | JayTee's 200sx | 2 comments

greens13.jpgAfter seeing Joe’s 180 with the staggered wheels front and back, i though that looks pretty smart. Due to Failing the MOT on the front tyres and having an argument with my local tyre fitters because there prices have gone up £20 per tyre and they couldn’t offer me any better deals after using them for years …

The good and the bad

8th February 2011 | Marteh's 180sx | 3 comments

dsc_0019-copy-442x236.jpgIt’s been a while since i’ve come on to update the progress of my car but most of it was just accumulating parts so I could increase the power to my intended 350bhp, but due to an accident driving to work this will no longer be achieved on this car..

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